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Zen Learning

Zen learning

Discover Zen learning.

You sit in your room in total silence, with nothing in front of you except your books.

No distractions, just absolute Zen.

Learning is Zen. Zen is good: good for your heart, good for your mind, good for your inner peace.

Ask yourself: why do I stress out learning a language? Is there a real reason?

No, there isn’t.

Meditate, discover Zen learning

Embrace the Zen of learning. Be peaceful, don’t think about yesterday, don’t think about tomorrow. Be present.

It’s you and your books. It’s you and this episode of your favorite show dubbed in your target language.

Nothing else matters. Live in the moment. If you start to freak out, simply stop what you’re doing and empty your mind.

Make your mind empty and concentrate on your breathing.

Go out and run.

Breathe and relax. All is Zen.

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A Spanish teacher by trade, Ramses is a true language learning addict. He started and The Language Dojo, and isn't even thinking about quitting language learning; it's in his blood!

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