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Matt lives in Austin, TX and loves French so much that he broke its ankles and locked it in his basement.

Matt is (as far as I know) the only language blogger who successfully went monolingual from day one in his L2. Pulling ideas from sources such as Ramses, Antimoon, Dr. Stephen Krashen, Khatzumoto, and Troll 2, he did the following (in this order):

  1. Watched well over a thousand hours of television and movies, while listening to French podcasts when away from a screen, before he ever read a word of French
  2. Started ‘reading’ French video games by beating a game he knew well in English, Chrono Trigger, three times over (about 90 hours of reading time)
  3. Began using a monolingual dictionary (Wiktionnaire) – he has never used a French-English dictionary, because “translation is something hookers do” – whatever that means. Monolingual from the beginning, baby.
  4. Switched over to reading comics, webpages, light novels, etc. in French
  5. Moved into playing video games with dubbed audio, like Mass Effect 2 and 3, Fallout 3/New Vegas, and Skyrim, without subtitles, to simulate living with French people
  6. Had sex with nine French women while trapped in a ski lift

Immersion — Repetition — Fun

This s**t works.

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